Health Food Corner: Is Gluten Bad For You?

When looking to lose weight, one of the first things people do is look for something to cut out. It used to be fat, then carbs, then sugar. It's sort of back to carbs again and gluten is one of the things that has come up as the catalyst of all inflammation and weight problems [...]


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Nashville Friends, This One Is For You!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Nashville Friends, This One Is For You!

A TON of stuff has been going on behind the scenes in the world of Sarah Zimmer Fitness over the past few months and I want to share a collaboration that I am beyond excited about. Drumroll please....I am officially teaming up with Franklin Strength to offer Nutrition Coaching to their members! Franklin Strength is [...]

The Problem With Cheat Days That Could Be Ruining Your Progress

I get it. I really do. I used to love having one day a week where all nutritious thought went out the window and I could eat pints of ice cream and boxes of pizza until my pants got uncomfortably tight while still thinking I could reach my goals. That can be a fun bubble [...]

No Gym? No Problem. At At Home Workout with No Excuses.

Keeping in line with our conversation about obstacles last week, I want to talk about one that comes up a lot: what do you do when you don't have access to a gym? It's a valid question. When you see all these workouts based around heavy weights and fancy equipment it can be overwhelming to [...]

Let’s Get Personal: My Struggle with Chronic Illness as a Personal Trainer

It's time to talk about obstacles. Everybody has them. Yes, even that person who seems to have everything together and is constantly posting perfectly posed photos of their life online followed by some inspirational words and a quick "#blessed". (Although, can I have some of whatever they've been drinking?). Knowing that this is true, why [...]

Grocery Stores are Trying to Trick You: How to Beat Them at Their Own Game

  I don't think it would be a surprise to anyone to hear that I love exercise and think that it is a crucial part of any healthy lifestyle, but there is one thing that is even more important than breaking a sweat and that's what you eat. Diet is EVERYTHING when it comes to [...]

5 Misconceptions That Could Be Harming Your Progress

5 Misconceptions That Could Be Harming Your Progress

As a personal trainer, I get a lot of questions about the best path to follow to reach fitness goals. There is so much conflicting information out there about the best way to lose weight, gain muscle, decrease bloating, improve stamina--some days it can seem impossible to dig through all the fluff and find the [...]